Přednáška - Zahlcování TCP sítí a co s tím

Jonathon Morton z Finska, autor Cake qdisc (mechanismus kontroly provozu TCP) v Linuxu a propagátor SCE bude v Liberci, protože se společně s naším členem Pete Heistem chystají na IETF konferenci 20.2. Pro širokou veřejnost i členy budou přednášet na téma zahlcování sítí a jak jej řešit.

Jonathon Morton, author of the Cake qdisc in Linux and the SCE (Some Congestion Experienced) proposal, will be here in Liberec from Finland so he and our member Pete Heist can attend an online IETF meeting on 20.2.

We are pleased we can host them in our Freenet office where they give us presentation about SCE before the meeting, also to spread some awareness about the L4S proposal and what it means for Internet congestion control.

Date: Tuesday 18.2.
Time: 19:00
Length: about 1 hour
Place: FreeNet office
Background: https://lwn.net/Articles/783673/
Language: English, but we can stop for some translations too
1. Pete will give a short overview of how congestion control works (10-15 min)
2. Jon and Pete will give the SCE presentation (20-30 min)
3. They’ll talk about L4S vs SCE and how we can help it (10-15 min)